Psychological Definition Of Love And How To Cure It!

Love seems to be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. The more you think of a person, the more you cannot stop thinking of that person. Your brain develops a psychological addiction to the repetitive thought of that particular person.

If, for any reason, you wish to learn one way of how to potentially rid yourself from it, read on, otherwise don’t waste your time, instead embrace and enjoy your love life.

The best cure for Love is the prevention from falling in one. How to do that is simple. All you need to do is to cleverly break the Love cycle at the critical point that causes the psychological thought addiction.

Here is how usually Love cycle looks like:

1- You meet a person.

2- You like some of his / her qualities (good looking / eloquent / smart /etc…)

3- Once the meeting ends, you start analyzing what went well and what didn’t go well in that meeting.

4- You start thinking of how to improve on your social skills / performance if you happen to encounter that person in a future meeting.

5- You start rehearsing fictional scenarios of your next meeting.

6- You enjoy the process of rehearsing, and start throwing more fictional scenarios at your brain.

7- You meet that person again.

8- Goto step 3.

That’s pretty much what seems to be the average (more common) Love OCD cycle. Going through it once (or several times) seems to have correlation to the psychological addiction (i.e. falling in Love).

The prevention, as you might guessed it by now, is to break the cycle at step 5. You have to be self conscious and take control of your thoughts.

The alarm signal for falling in Love, that you need to always remember, is the moment you see yourself rehearsing fictional scenarios.

At that signal, you have to say “This is it… The beginning of the cycle… I have to block it right now before it’s too late”.

Also avoid thoughts like: “I’ll just have one fictional scenario, I’m strong enough, I can control myself from falling in Love”.

So that’s pretty much it guys and gals, this is a one way to potentially rid yourself of that thing that is called Love. The key is to be strong enough at thought control (thought blocking). Hope it’ll help you someday.


2 Replies to “Psychological Definition Of Love And How To Cure It!”

  1. I think you should have added to the title "(infuatuation)" every time you mencioned the "l" because true love undergoes a different process.

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